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Light French Classic

Elevate Your Experience



Maine accurately employs core elements from different cultural backgrounds, blending French romantic sentiments with modern aesthetic demands, catering to the modern yearning for leisure and comfort.

Design Concept

Light French Classical | French axis symmetry, classical hierarchical styling, and contemporary design techniques blend together effortlessly. It doesn't require intricate carving or curves to convey classical layering. Clever combinations of flat panels and lines of varying widths create a clean and elegant look without feeling rigid. The design seamlessly fuses delicacy with lightness, grace with grandeur, and a distinct sense of order.

Differing from traditional classicism, Mann precisely incorporates core elements from various cultural backgrounds, integrating French romanticism with modern aesthetic demands, making it more suitable for modern life's aspirations for leisure and comfort. By using color variations and pairing with other elements, the design can be naturally graceful or resolutely bold, all while maintaining its elegance.

  • Constructed with a combination of medium-density fiberboard frames, the door panel thickness is 24mm.
  • Limited to specified matte paint material.
  • Color options include Rolls Gold and Obsidian Gray, with the flexibility to mix and match door panel patterns. It comes with a semi-recessed handle.


TYPOLOGY: Doors, MAINE collection

OPENING: Hinged door

DOOR FINISHING: Gpanel made of wooden particles with matte lacquered colors

FRAME FINISHING: Matte baked paint

HANDLE: Semi-recessed handle (Rolls Gold/Obsidian Gray)

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